Coffee Rover

Landrover -fair trade tea and barista coffee . .. more information.

Blackfords Food & Drink

Limoncello, Liqueurs & Lemon Curd . .. more information.

Gibsons Organic Liqueurs

Fruit liqueurs from the organic Cotswold farm – blackcurrant, elderberry . .. more information

Wiltshire Liqueur Company

Liqueur humbugs & liqueur chocolates . .. more information.

Wychwood Brewery

Brewery merchandise and quality beer . .. more information.

Old Stag Cider

Bottled cider / Pheasant & Bacon kebabs . .. more information.

Church Hanbrewery

Bottled craft beer, mini kegs, glasses. .. more information.

Hitchcox Cider

Bottled cider / Pheasant & Bacon kebabs . .. more information

Foxdenton Estate

English fruit liqueurs & gin jams & jelly . .. more information.

British Honey Company n.

Oxfordshire hives producing honeys to infuse gin . .. more information

Drivers Tipple

Described as a distinctively British alternative to gin, uncompromising in taste, just without the effects of alcohol . .. more information


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